Friday, June 19, 2009

Problem of the age of the sims in Sims 3

The Sims 3 no doubt is an very good game. But the age problem is very huge. After the character i play become an old man, the time for him and she to die is about 73 days! Yet the time for both of them to become and old man from adult is onle about 25DAYS!

Besides, after i count the total age of the Sims, their life can last for about 120 days. If their life is calculate as 1 day to 1 year, the life time sure is very long.

Anyway, luckly the sims still can go to work although their wish is go to retire =.=

The Sims3 is out!

The Sims3 finally on sale. Unlike Sims2, player not only control the Sims in a limited house but is able to walk around the town and do anything! There are some new skill such as fishing, guita skill, planting, and writing. In the town, besides the working place, sims can buy things in the grocery, fishing at any point that have fish( or else u can't get any fish!), pick up things on the flour( including gold and meteor ), catch the butterfly, and etc.

The building of the character is very rich in The Sims3. We can build up a genius , an evil guy, or an very unfortunate + lazy guy.

And most importantly, is the sims is rich enough, we can use the money to buy all the properties in the town. After that, the only job we need to do is just go to collect money.
Up till now i just play for a while only. This game really needs to take a lot of time to find out what is hiding in there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plants vs Zombies

Finally, after one week days, i had finish this pop cap's mine game given by Raymond. Wonder how they can do such an amazing game with such small space, which is only 60mb. The whole game is just very funny. First we thought it is just a game for kids. Later almost the end of the game, we found it to be quite challenging. This game really need strategy and no doubt luck.
Besides fighting the zombies, we can earn money in the game and use the money to buy plants to grow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First time typing a blog

Just call me Neo. Although i already have a popular nickname, Nike, always called by my classmates of high schools, i prefer a better English name before i go to U.S. as degree transfer student. Using Chinese name there is very weird. Besides, my Chinese name is hard to pronounce.

Never thing that i will type a blog before until my friend asked to see my blog yet i don't have one. Before that i always think that typing blog is a waste of time. But now i feel that typing blog as my diary isn't a bad idea as i won't forget things as easy as usual. Actually is because she was the one who ask.. or i don't think i will hurry come to type a blog..XD

I have been study in INTI University College for 5 months. Time really pass through like a rocket. Feel like i was cheated.. Most of my relatives say that study in University is very convenient but i am busy like a shit. It true that i just need to carry a few books for class, but i prefer to take more books which i can take one year to finish them in high school then less books i need to take but i need to finish them in 3 months time. Each of those books are about 400++ pages, same thick as high school text books. So can imagine how busy i am. i take 5 subject this semester. Besides, i i learn the 3ds max with my friend, Raymond. That is a modelling program. Use it to do animation isn't a problem. But now we still studying basic things. Later i will post the pictures of our work. He was confuse after i decided to use Neo as my new English name. Now he is playing pc games with Nike but study 3ds mas with Neo ==!

This semester after considered the timetable, i decided to join only one club. Last time i join 5 clubs yet i only go to 3 of them eventually because life in university isn't that free.

I am sick these few days. A little fever, cough,and catch cold. Similar to the symptom of swine flu(A influenza). After read the news that the swine flu(A influenza) came to Malaysia then i start to worry. Hope it is not.. or i will need to be quarantine..Ohh no!!!!